This project is experimental, and there is no stable release out yet. We welcome contributors!


You can install the latest package with hex:

> hex install mana

More info on our hex package page.


You can contact the team on Gitter.



Open kitchen

The project is developed in the open. Participants and communications happen on mailing lists, gitter channels or video chats at regular intervals.

No surprises

The team tries to communicate well in advance decisions and works with the community to help mitigate transition issues.

On a cruise

This is a long running project with many stops along the way. The team expects to enjoy the ride and make it a pleasant experience for all participants.


This project defines roles to help understand how the project is managed.


Anybody can use the software under MIT / Apache 2.0 license. Users of the software are of course welcome to report issues and participate in discussions.


A contributor participates to the project by submitting code patches, which may be committed to the project.


A committer can commit code to the project, merge patches from contributors, and vote for releases.

Project Management Committee

A member of the PMC is a committer who can set up a vote to add a new committer or a new PMC member.

Decision making

This is taken after the Apache Software Foundation rules.

Voting is done with numbers:

+1 – a positive vote

0 – abstain, have no opinion

-1 – a negative vote

The rules require that a negative vote includes an alternative proposal or a detailed explanation of the reasons for the negative vote.

The community then tries to gather consensus on an alternative proposal that resolves the issue. In the great majority of cases, the concerns leading to the negative vote can be addressed.


Mana is a joint project by POA Network, and ConsenSys. Read more…